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City of temples known as Asansol is our target of the day. This second largest urban city of West Bengal is also listed on 39th place of largest urban accumulation in India. To reach the city you have to attain to Burdwan region of state. Asansol is fastest growing city of the nation developing in International Institutes for Development. The visit of our team member to city was excellent. However, there are limited places to visit but each location is special and having unique features. City is also famous for temples, hospitality and best restaurants, though we all know West Bengal is popular for amazing food, traditional dresses and cultural activities. 

Some of the key locations of Asansol are mentioned in this short note:

Kalyaneshwari Temple: 

The first places that comes in the list is very famous temple of Kalyaneshwari at 20 km distance from the central city. This is the ancient shrine nearly 500 years old. The wonder idol of goddess Maa Kalyaneshwari gives different feeling to the devotees. Mata Kalyaneshwari is another form of Goddess Kali. Another big tourism attraction of city known as Maithan is closer to this temple.


Listed in best Indian tourist places, Maithon is located in Asansol city. Maithon is favorite destination for outer tourists as well as local residents of the city. Avoid reaching the spot on weekends because local people come in huge capacity on their weekends to enjoy at this place. Talking about the distance you have to cover the gap of 22 km from the city Asansol to reach here. Damodar Valley is the largest reservoir of the state spread in 15,712 feet long and 165 feet height. 

Nehru Park: 

Our next target is a park known as Nehru Garden located at Burnpur (a closer city). Park is beautifully designed and you can enjoy the Damodar River at this place as well. There are some amenities such as boating, musical fountain and restaurant that you can enjoy. Previously the park was recognized as Riverside Park. However, you have to pay nominal fee to enter the park, this is because of maintenance of the park. Here you will also find the big iron statue of Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru at the entry point of the gate. 

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