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Uttar Pradesh is the state having countless cities for tourist attraction. Lucknow is the city become famous in couple of years. This capital city of UP (Uttar Pradesh) is administrative headquarter of UP. Lucknow is also identified as artistic and multicultural capital of UP. Nowadays city is turned as big center for commerce, pharmaceuticals, aerospace, design, technology, culture, music, tourism and poetry. City got popularity of fastest job-creation center as well.

The altitude of this tourist place is 123.45 meters from the sea level. The city is spread in 310.1 km2 area surrounded District Barabanki on eastern side. In west side the city is approaching Unnao district. In south Raebareli and north Sitapur exist. Gomti River flows through the city so visitors will take pleasure of various tourist attractions in Lucknow.

This city of Nawab was the part of Awadh region in 1350 AD and ruled by Mughal Empire, Delhi Sultanate, Nawabs of Awadh, and BEIC (British East India Company). Lucknow played the vital role in revolution of India as well. This tourist place was the main center of rebellion of 1857 against British East India Company.

Lucknow is recognized as city of Nawab which means many rulers of Muslim community ruled the city for longer period. Asaf-Ud-Dowlah and Nawab Saadat Khan II are some big names of the rulers of Lucknow in different periods. Historical background of the city is huge as countless rulers administered the city at regular intervals. The detail study about the city is available at various other sources that users can access. Here we will discuss about the popularity as well as the best tourist locations of the famous and big city Lucknow.

Attraction in Lucknow

Bara Imambara:

This famous spot of Lucknow was constructed in 1784 by the Asaf-ud-Daula the 4th Nawab of Awadh.

British Residency:

Another spot is British Residency popular for historical mark of the city. The Archaeological Survey has declared it as a protected monument of this tourist place. Tourist can learn about the living standard of British company by visiting this residency.

Chattar Manzil:

This impressive structural building of Nawabs is next tourist spot. One of the best locations of Lucknow is Chattar Manzil. The different architecture of building is the special thing to watch in this Indian tourist place.


Jama Masjid:

This mosque was constructed by Sultan Ahmed Shah in 1423. This finest yellow stone building is famous for complex architectural design and style.


Rumi Darwaza:

Another location for visitors is Rumi Darwaza. Year of construction was 1784 done under the supervision of Nawab Asaf-ud-daula. By watching this big door tourist might get the idea about the architectural development style of Awadh.


Clock Tower:

This tower is located among Chhota Imambara and the Bara Imambara. Construction of the tower was done by Nasir-ud-Din Haider Nawab in 1880. The tower is famous because of India’s tallest Clock placed on the tower and even the height of tower is also higher comparing to other towers of India.

Moti Mahal (Pearls Palace):

place is Among most beautiful monuments of this tourist city is Moti Mahal comes on the top list. Saadat Ali Khan Nawab constructed this place for his royal living. Because of amazing structural design and countless pearls used during the construction, this place is recognized as Pearls Palace. Visiting Moti Mahal allow visitors to visit border area such as Gomti. The stunning view of Lucknow from Gomti could be most memorable time for travelers. The reason behind construction of Moti Mahal was to watch flying birds and spend time on vacations. This palace is having two other buildings such as Mubarak Manzil and Shah Manzil. However the construction of two buildings was done later by Ghazi-ud-din Haider Nawab.

Lakshman Tila:

According to legends Lord Rama and his brother Lakshman did the groundwork of Lucknow. Earlier the place was named as Lakshmanpur, but later changed to Lakshman TIla. People also believe that Lucknow is the place where Lord human settled later.

Hussainabad Imambara:

The Imambara Hussainabad is the big tourist location of Lucknow. Construction was done by Mohammed Ali Shah in 1837. Travelers can visit to tombs of Nawab Mohammed Ali and his mother. The monument walls are decorated in Arabic poetry carved wonderfully by professional craftsmen. White dome and pillars is the special thing to watch in Imambara. Structure of Imambara is amazing comparing to other tombs or monuments of India.

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