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Kanpur is the city of Uttar Pradesh previously known as Cawnpore. The city is popular as big industrial place of state. Kanpur is the oldest trade center of North India which means countless industries are planned in the city at regular intervals. The ground area of city is around 300 km and the average population as per 2011 survey is 3 million.


Kanpur is positioned in 75th place in the list of largest city of the world. Experts say the city was founded by Chandela dynasty members. They also believe that the city was named as Kanhiyapur which means home of Lord Krishna who is known as Kanhiya. At the period of British rule the town was identified as Cawnpore. Some people think the name of the city is derived from Karnapur which means town of the fighter Karna.

Attraction spots of Kanpur: the river gange flows from the Kanpur city. The largest revenue of city is earned by export business of leather items. Cotton cloth production is another reason for the popularity of the city. Some of the key spots where tourist can visit in Kanpur are Memorial Church (constructed in 1875), Shri Radha Krishna temple, JK temple, Jain Glass temple, Phool Bagh, Nana Rao garden, Art Gallery, Allen Forest Zoo, and Museum.

Phool Bagh: this is the flower garden situated at center part of the town at Mall Road. This oldest park of Kanpur houses the memorial hall known as Ganesha Shankara Vidyarthi Hall. People refer the hall with K.E.M as well. Here visitors can also view the Ganesha Udyan storey.

Allen Forest Zoo: next location for tourist is zoo established by Sir Allen. He was the botanist and also the member of ICS (Indian Civil Service). The zoo is named after Sir Allen as recognized the Allen Forest Zoo. This zoological park was founded in 1971.

Bhitar Gaon Temple: this shrine is the oldest temple constructed with large bricks. The structure is 15.41 meters tall built during the Gupta period. The craft work of temple makes it different than other shrines of India. Decoration on interior and exterior walls is difficult in shape that’s why the temple is most demanding tourist spot of Kanpur.



Jain Glass Temple: another attractive spot for tourist in Kanpur is Jain Glass Shrine. This Jain temple is constructed with old traditional style, though the best feature is glass work of the temple. The adorable view of shrine in night is must watch one thing in temple.

Patthar Ghat: experts call the city as religious and customary location. The other big Hindu pilgrim site such as Brahmavarta and Bithoor are available for visitors. The spot Patthar Ghat is located in Bithoor where travelers can take bath in Ganga River. This ghat is made of red stone by minister of Awadh Mr. Tikait Rai.


Shri Radha Krishna Shrine: the temple constructed under the supervision of J.K. trust is next tourist spot of Kanpur. The shrine is having another name as J.K. temple. The five small shrines of different gods like God Ardhnareswara, Radha Krishna, God Lakshmi Narayana, God Hanuman and God Narmadeshwar are special things to watch in J.K. Temple.


Valmiki Ashram: the other special spot is Valmiki Ashram. As per epic Ramayana Sita Mata came to this place and spent few years of his life. She gave the birth to two sons Lav and Kush in Valmiki Ashram.

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