How to buy & download the database?

Buying and downloading the database is easy as mentioned below

Step 1: Choose the database you need

We have around 700+ different databases such city, state, territory and packages. Or we have complete all-in-one database package called ‘complete package.

Link to all database list:

Link to Complete database:

Step 2: Add to Cart

Click on the button ‘Add to Cart’ to buy the item.

Then go to the cart and confirm the product. Use the coupon if you have.

3. Proceed to Payment

Once you confirmed all the details, you can proceed to the payment gateway to complete the payment.

Provide your details such name, email, phone & click on place order button

4. Order Confirmation

You will get order confirmation screen & email from the payment processor.

5. Download the database

Once the order is successful, you will get download link. Complete package database comes with password. All other database will come with download link. Please note that download link is valid for 3 days from the date of purchase.

Thanks all. If you need any clarification or any support. Please contact our customer care.