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Haryana, the rich state of India is having loads of tourist places, though learning the past of the state is important. This agricultural state of India was constituted in 1966. The neighbor state Punjab is another rich region and well-known state for tourism. Bordered by Himachal Pradesh, Punjab, Utter Pradesh, Rajasthan and Delhi allow visitors to take pleasure of various places in North region of the Country.

Haryana is the wealthy state has 3rd biggest per capita earnings. The finest feature of higher income is largest rural areas of state. Countless rich farmers from Haryana proved that India is agricultural nation having many sources to earn money. This economically urbanized region is popular in South Asia. Since 1970, Haryana got the huge popularity throughout the world for farming. Haryana is not only the big state but also top state for manufacturing the two-wheeler, cars, and tractors. Gurgaon city of Haryana has rapidly grown up with many international IT (Information Technology) companies and the automobile farms as well. Maruti is the Indian car manufacturing company having the large-scale of production for supplying the car of every category to the world customers. For industries, Yamuna Nagar, Panchkula, Panipat and Faridabad are famous, though the Panipat city is well-known for refinery industry. Countless industries like steel factories and many other plants are established in Haryana at diverse periods.

The reason behind rich fertilizers in Haryana is ever live rivers flowing from different parts of the state. The known rivers are Yamuna and Sarasvati providing enough water for farming. Tourism in Haryana is increased in last few years because the tourism development of Haryana has improved the state with countless spots. People love pilgrims can reach to Kurukshetra, Jyotisar, Thanesar, Pehowa and Panchkula.


The pilgrim place where tourist can enjoy Brahma Sarovar and Buddhist Monuments. However, park at Sheikh Chelil’s Tomb and Krishan Museum are also the special spots in Kurukshetra. Tourist should not miss archaeological sites of the city, though accommodation can be taken at Pipli and Yatri Niwas.


People believe Lord Krishna gave the Geeta Gyan to Arjun at Jyotisar place at the time of Mahabharata fight. The light show arranged by the tourism department is special thing at this place.


This place is popular for Lord Shiva Temple and Maa Bhadra Kali Shrine. Thanesar is having the important place for Hindu religion. Thanesar is also famous for Sheikh Chilli’s Tomb (another tourist spot).

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