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Bhiwani is a city and a municipal council in Bhiwani district in the state of Haryana, India. Besides being a seat of spiritual learning, the city is at the centre of regional politics and hometown of three former Haryana chief ministers: Bansi Lal, Banarsi Dass Gupta and Hukum Singh.

The city has a conventional school of boxing, with almost all of the members of the Indian Boxing Squad coming from its SAI hostel. The late Capt. Hawa Singh, the legendary boxer, helped establish the boxing academy in Bhiwani.


It was founded by a Rajput King name was Neem singh after his wife Bhani. The Bhani spelling changed to Bhiyani and subsequently to Bhiwani. Bhiwani has been a prominent centre of commerce since the time of the Mughals. Bhiwani is also known for its temples and is known as the ” Kashi of haryana” of India and not “choti Kashi”. Kaithal District of Haryana is known as “Choti Kashi” because of the presence of “Nav Grah Kund” (9 Kund).

Bhiwani District

is one of the 22 districts of Haryana state in northern India. Created on 22 December 1972, the district was largest district of state by area before the creation of Charkhi Dadri as a separate district as it occupied an area of 5,140 square kilometres (1,980 sq mi) and administered 442 villages with a population of 1,629,109. Sirsa is now the largest district of the state. The district headquarters is the city of Bhiwani, which is around 124 kilometres (77 mi) from the capital Delhi. Other major towns in the district are Siwani, Loharu, Tosham, Bawani Khera, Kohlawas, Lamba.In 1997, Saudi Arabian Airlines Flight 763 collided with Kazakhstan Airlines Flight 1907 in the skies over the district and more than 350 people were killed. There were no casualties on the ground though.

As of 2011 it is the third most populous district of Haryana , after Faridabad and Hisar

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