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Tour to India and make your holidays memorable. I am going to describe one of the oldest cities of India known as Ambala located in Haryana State, India. This city is positioned close to another big and agricultural state Punjab. Ambala cant is the area where the big base of air force and Indian military is placed. People attaining to cities of Punjab, Jammu–Kashmir and Himachal Pradesh are mostly crossing this city.

This metropolis is popular for memorial of Airfield that is committed to those fighters who lost lives in particular war.

This land of memories is also famous for religious sites like countless Gurudwara’s are placed at different parts of the city. However, 3 Gurudwaras are major religious spots such as Sis Ganj, Manji Sahib and Badshahi Bag Gurudwara.

Some more attraction of Ambala cities are Hathi Kanna Mandir, Ambala Muncipal Park, Agarsein Chowk, Udyan Gardens and Sardar Bazaar. If you visit to Udyan Gardens you can enjoy 4 sections of the garden. Such sections are Sheesh Mahal, Jal Mahal, Rang Mahal and Guldasta.


the initial spot for travelers is planetarium established in 1950. It was intended by Shri Jagannath Sharma. Local people are reaching planetarium regularly because of its unique collection. Key attraction of this planetarium is a collection of metal guns objects made of such period.

Air Force Base:

the base of Air Force in Ambala is special place to visit. However, you cannot visit the complete area of the air force but maximum areas are covered by the local admin for visitors. It is basically a British constructed airbase that is known as oldest airbase of IAF (Indian Air Force). This air force base has played the important role in fight occurred in 1947 when the Pakistan army attacked Indian bases and started their operations from Kashmir.

Rani Ka Talab:

a lake place is next attraction of Ambala city. This historic place was constructed by King Ranjit Singh. It’s around 400 years old lake located close to Ambala Cantonment.

Anandpur Sahib:

there are countless religious places in city and one is Anandpur Sahib Gurudwara. It is the most important pilgrimage for Indian community Sikhs. Reaching this place allow visitors to enjoy one more vital location known as Naina Devi temple. This shrine is placed on hill-top and the entire area is covered with hills.

Jain Mandir:

a shrine of Jain community is another location. The idols in temple are older than 2,500 years. You have to reach Ambala Sadar for this spot, though the age of temple is around 150 years.

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