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Ahmedabad is the leading metropolis of Gujarat. Ahmedabad was the capital of Gujarat and the judicial capital too because Gujarat HC (High Court) is in Ahmedabad as well. Experts call this city as fiscal capital of the state. This fifth biggest metropolitan region of India is having a populace of around 6.4 million. “Ahmedabad is the quickest developing city of India,” explained by Forbes Magazine in 2010. The research firm of market IMRB affirmed that Ahmedabad is the finest city for living in India. This stunning city is positioned near the river Sabarmati which is just 32 km away from the capital of Gujarat.

Today Ahmedabad is important city as it is turned as big-business center and many companies are establishing their trade in the city. This city was established on February 26, 1411, and founder was Sultan Ahmed Shah. The creation of city was done as the sultan was looking for the region to serve as the capital of Gujarat. This city was named behind his name as Ahmed to Ahmedabad. It is house of textile business, and lots of industries are established in the city. Textile is the major factor for earning of Gujarat state, and because of such this city is named as Manchester of the East India.

Ahmedabad is also turned as the Indian tourist place and people are reaching throughout the world. This walled city is having ample of forts because many rulers came and ruled on this city in history. Ample of tourist attraction places are available here where people can visit.

Gandhi Ashram:

The one important tourist attraction in Ahmedabad is Gandhi Ashram. Ahmedabad is the city where Mahatma Gandhi set up Satyagraha Ashram in 1920. This ashram is situated on western banks of the river Sabarmati.

Akshardham Temple:

This is one more temple where tourist must visit. This temple is beautifully constructed with ample of small temples.

Sidi Sayid Mosque:

The Sidi Sayid Mosque is constructed with tracery stone. The pattern applied in the Mosque is like a banyan tree, though the windows are another attractive thing to watch.

Temple “Hathee Singh Jain”:

A temple built-in 1848 by Sheth Hathee Singh. This temple is located in the external area of Delhi Gate. There are 52 shrines accessible in this temple, and Tirthankar Jain is special among them.

Mosque of Sidi Bashir:

The mosque of Sidi Bashir is located in the external area of Sarangpur Gate. This attractive spot is capable to shake and lead vibration in the human body.

Lake Kankaria:

A round shape Lake Kankaria was built-in AD 1451 and founder was Sultan Qutub-ud-din. This lake tenders the tourist with significance spots such as an island garden which is identified as Nagina Wadi. Here people can enjoy park, a boat club, aquarium, zoo and historical museum.

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