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Now IndiaEmailDatabase with free e-newsletter sending application!!

We are happy to announce this, Now we are providing PRO version of SendBlaster. Hope it will help our customer to reach out all their customers 🙂

Advantage of Pro Version:
Wysiwyg HTML Editor

Email newsletter creation and composing is achieved through a simple yet powerful visual HTML editor with code access, CHARSET definition and the ability to insert completely customizable field tags for automatic email personalization (you can easily insert the receiver’s name, surname and your custom tags.
Layout editor

Creating a new message from scratch is a breeze with the new layout editor: choose the email structure, add header, footer or side columns, select colors and variations in a few clicks.
New free email templates

A rich set of ready to use templates to help you create professional looking emails. All the email templates can be easily customized.
Categorized templates

SendBlaster 3 comes with tons of new templates; the template browser now supports categories for better organization of templates.
Import existing .htm or .eml files

Email messages can be imported from external files (HTML documents or existing .eml files), you can create the email with Outlook, DreamWeaver and then import it. It’s also easy to import email contacts from Gmail, Yahoo, AOL and every other online email service that allows the users to download their contacts in a .CSV file (like MailChimp, Constant Contact, IContact, Benchmark Email, GetResponse, VerticalResponse, GraphicMail, Campaign Monitor, AWeber, GroupMail, ArcLab MailList Controller, Atomic Mail, StreamSend, EmailBrain, Pinpointe, Mailigen, Mad Mimi).
Embedded image support

Generate newsletters with attachments and embedded images, avoiding email message reading related problems.
Image Crop and replace

Select an image and replace it with a different one: SendBlaster 3 automatically resizes and crops it (without stretching it) so that it fits the original layout.
Personalized email for each subscriber

Send personalized messages (“Dear Mr. John Smith”, instead of “Dear customer”)
Dear #name# -> becomes -> Dear Paul
Each email you send is unique by using the email merge and email personalization features. (see how to send personalized emails)
Programmable tags

SendBlaster Pro 3 includes a powerful scripting engine for tags, which can now be programmed using either Vbscript (familiar to Office users) or Javascript (familiar to web developers and designers). Tags can contain calculated or conditional output, random variations, custom attachments, and much more.
Link checking

No more hidden broken links: SendBlaster 3 automatically extracts all links from your message, even the hidden ones, and lets you check them in one click.
Export HTML with images

Now you can export the HTML code and the embedded images in a ready-to-upload structure, so that you can easily publish a copy of your message on your web site.
Add automatic unsubscribe link

Insert an unsubscribe link (opt-out) as required by the CAN-SPAM Act.
One-click unsubscribe

Let your recipients unsubscribe with one click using an easy to install PHP script to upload on your web site.
Set charset

The email CHARSET can be set to send messages with any character system (Cyrillic, Japanese, Hebrew, Chinese, Arabic). This feature allows you to overcome send your newsletters in different world languages.
Email message with both HTML and Text

The email messages are created both in HTML and plain text format in case the recipient has disabled HTML email viewing. Remember: the hybrid HTML/Plain Text email is the best option for email marketing campaigns.
Set demo data fileds

Setting these fields and clicking on ‘preview’, you may see how email newsletter appears with data included before actually sending it.
Add file attachment to bulk mailing lists

Each email message can contain file attachments (Zip, Doc, Pdf…), bulk sending your attachment is really that easy.
Import contacts from Outlook and Thunderbird

Directly import all your customer’s details into SendBlaster from another mail software like Outlook or Thunderbird.
Import email addresses and email database from Excel, Access and .CSV files

Save your existing MS Excel(TM), Access(TM) or Outlook(TM) contact list in .CSV file format, and directly import all your contacts’ details into SendBlaster.

Complete mailing list importing instructions
Importing a CSV mailing list





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